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Life is just unpredictable but uncertain too..few a times give so much of pleasure n happiness and on the very other side takes everything..we have to prepared for d worst not because it will happen but because we have to increase the acceptancy ability and once we develop that ability i think nothing else is needed to make ourself satisfy.

A human being is never satisfied with what he has..he feels happy to see d people who r below him and feel superior in that..and on the other side feels depressed to see d sucess of people who r above for life d initial step is to make himself neutral with everything he has!!

Do what makes u feel good

It is not always necessary to make everyone happy..even if u tries to do there will be people who’ll make u feel disappointed..who will judge u on ever step.because nature of people differs..there way of judgement differs.few will feel happy just by a little and others will be demanding no matter how much u u do what u want to do without looking on others without troubling others and ofcourse without judging other..!!

Rip pradyuman 

So it took a child’s life to wake the officials up about the truth of ryan international school..i mean how can a school be dis much irresponsible..everyone believes that schools are the safest place after home for a child but it has already been badly shaken..who is to be blamed for dis??education system,authorities,govt,conductor,or we!!!!

Dis news will be over by a day or two but wht about those parents who lost their only son..what abt that sister who lost her only brother!!!!

A boy of just 7 year old is found dead in school washroom with his throat slit just because he saw something wrong..!!i mean does a 7 year old boy really know d meaning of wrong??????

Difficulties comes in different versions..and they are just to make you stronger!!

Self goals should be given more priority than relationship goals…..

Sad stories make good articles n quotes..